You know, I acknowledge that it makes me a bad person. But I can't help but reply to people who are clearly morons and feel better about myself. It's trite and petty, but boy howdy does it make you glad your gene pool wasn't that shallow.

I really wish Totillo wrote more articles. More and more lately it seems I don't even have a reply to the articles being written because the lack of information, pure opinion pieces and sheer hypocrisy in the articles keeps me from giving a single fuck.

I really, really wish people would read replies before weighing in on a comment in the articles. I've just taken to replying with, "read the replies" to address most responses after the first hour.

So, I got a new 8000dpi mouse last night. It's fantastically smooth (got a new steel series pad as well which helps) but I have no clue why they even have the option to leave it at it's original sensitivity. One little tap and the cursor goes across both of my screens at mach speed.

Layers or Coat? It depends on what I'll be doing outside and for how long. If I were back home I'd be stuck with "Kehrwoche" or "sweeping week." Which means I alternate with people on my street to shovel the snow off the side walk around the block. Generally this only applies if you're living in apartments, condos,…

Does anyone have experience making Vietnamese eggrolls? I plan to begin working on my nuoc cham sauce as soon as my fish sauce arrives(Three crab for those who know fish sauce). I'd love any recipes people have experience with. Otherwise experimentation begins. =)

Dislike the band all you want, but the artist here is fantastic. Been following her on youtube for a few years and everytime I go back to watch one of her videos I'm reminded of how disappointed I am that I never learned to play the piano.


I haven't been sleeping soundly lately. And while I can have colleagues write a prescription for me, I hate taking narcotics when I can get something from the Apotheke(Er... apothecary, cvs walgreens, etc, not sure what it's referred to as in english) over the counter. Anyhow, so my question is, has anyone tried…